Meet our team

“over prepare, then go with the flow”

Meredith’s Favorite Fortune Cookie

Auburn and Ivory is an experienced team of full service creative wedding and event planners and designers.

We believe in producing seamless fine art weddings without sacrificing fun or meaning. Ranging from traditional to the unconventional, our innovative designs result in events that are equally bespoke and stylish.

Meredith Browning Diamond- Founder and Lead Planner

With 8 years of experience, our full service event planner, Meredith, is an auburn-haired artist with a degree in History of Art and a passion for all things pretty. Her favorite compliment to receive at a wedding is to how much an event reflects the client.

“In 7th grade I bought my first wedding magazine, fell in love with the details on the pages and never looked back. Here is where I find joy in the details, love in life’s celebrations, and an outlet for my creative hands and heart.

Auburn + Ivory is born out of my passion for loving others around me by creating lovely things, and planning beautiful events. Offering options from full service planning, to à la carte details, I’m dedicated to designing, styling, and curating an event that will bring joy for the years to come.”

Hannah Zimmerer- Day Of Management Specialist and Executive Assistant

A gifted wizard specializing in perfectly coordinating all the details, Hannah serves our team as both lead planner and executive assistant.

Katy Scoggin- Administrator and Day-of Management Specialist

With years of experience in both events and administration, Katy serves our team and clients alike with her talents in organization and optimization.

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